August 15, 2011

Ways to Get Your Kids Back to Reading

Whether you-ve had cable for years or you-ve just gotten satellite from you may notice that both you and your children are spending less time reading and more time in front of the TV. While there-s nothing inherently wrong with TV watching, here are a few ways to encourage your kids back to the books
Family Reading Night: Once a week, mandate that the TV be turned off and everyone must » Read the rest of this entry …

June 21, 2011

How To Start A Book Club And Keep It Going

Do you love to read and you would love to share your passion for books with other people? If so, you may want to consider starting your own book club! A book club is the perfect way to share your love of books with other like minded people, while forming friendships that will last for years.

If you want to start a book club, first begin by recruiting friends you have that share your love of reading. Depending on how big you want your club to be, ask your friends if they have friends that would » Read the rest of this entry …

May 28, 2011

Ten Great Short Novels To Read In An Evening

Imagination and dreaming are unique gifts, given to mankind to express themselves. I believe reading is a tool that can help bring out our gifts and talents. Reading or writing of literature, of all sorts, is an important part of learning. Studies have shown that children who read at a young age do better in life overall. Literature is truly timeless and meant for all age groups and lifestyles. Set reachable goals. Try reading ten short novels every evening, whatever will get you started. Once you try this by yourself, or with your family, you » Read the rest of this entry …

May 22, 2011

Keeping A Journal Or Personal Blog After Retirement

After retirement people can find it hard to fill all of their free time. After working their whole lives, it suddenly seems very empty and come sometimes be depressing and hard to deal with. Some feel as if they’re not important anymore and aren’t needed, and some just feel bored all of the time. While there are common solutions such as going to play bridge or bingo every week, these things are not for everyone. Some may feel the need to express themselves and document » Read the rest of this entry …