The Ten Best Online Literary And Creative Writing Magazines

It is hard to pick the ten best literary magazines if you have to choose from online and print sources. Many online literary magazines do not last any longer than their print counterparts. They need to find funding to keep the web server or hosting package up and running. Print magazines need to pay for paper.

Literary magazines do not get many advertising dollars. They have a small readership, generally, and cannot expect to take in a lot of money. Most literary magazines are attached to a university. The top ten online and print literary magazines are attached to universities. The New Yorker might be considered an exception to this rule, but the New Yorker offers more than just literary stories.

Since it can be hard to find the top ten literary magazines, it is better just to focus on where to find a literary magazine. The odds are that a large university near your home publishes a literary magazine. They will even send out copies to subscribers. A writer who thinks he or she may have a story that fits for a particular magazine can request a sample copy. If the magazine is available online, the process is much easier. Writer’s Digest can help you find the top ten.


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