Famous Novels And The Movies Made From Them

Adapting a famous book into a movie is always tricky business. Here are some film adaptations that got it right:

“Gone with the Wind’ (1939): The classic movie based on Margaret Mitchell-s classic novel is frankly considered the gold standard of book-to-screen adaptations.

“Moby Dick’ (1956): Despite other film versions of the Herman Melville book, Gregory Peck-s forceful performance as Captain Ahab created an indelible screen version of the character.

“Planet of the Apes’ (1968): Pierre Boulle-s book was filled with social commentary, which the film incorporates. But most fans remember Charlton Heston (“Get your stinking paws off me ‘), the groundbreaking special effects, and the now-classic ending.

“The Last of the Mohicans’ (1992): In the hands of director Michael Mann, the timeless tale by James Fenimore Cooper became a rousing action-adventure movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis. Contains some graphic violence.

“The Lord of the Rings Trilogy’ (2001-03): JRR Tolkein-s novels served as the basis for one of the most profitable and critically acclaimed film franchises of all time. Middle Earth is brought to life with amazing special effects and believable performances.

“Harry Potter’ (2001-2011): There-s no denying the cinematic magic conjured up by the boy wizard. The 8 movies based on J.K. Rowling-s novels have become a multi-billion dollar film franchise and a massive merchandising machine.


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