Treating Your Quiet Reading Time As Sacred

Reading, that rare moment where your mind gets to focus in on itself rather than some mundane task. Reading is a chance to let yourself fly, seek wisdom, answer questions, or go off on a really good quest. More than anything it is a chance to let yourself be free.

These little moments should be treated with the utmost priority. Find a nice soothing place, preferably quiet so you don-t get interrupted and enter a whole new world. Of course we know fully well there are other benefits to reading than just entering some fictitious world.

Reading helps to reduce stress. When you-re reading your mind focuses on the story completely taking away your stresses. During that time your mind gets to relax giving your mind time to erase worry for a bit. This leads to greater tranquility of mind and body. One can say that reading can be equated to the benefits of meditation or prayer because of this one benefit.

Reading also helps to improve memory. I don-t have any scientific proof to back that up. But what I do know is that when I-m reading consistently I remember information a lot easier. I find that I elaborate (Yes I used a big word) a lot better too.If you like what you see, keep going: Convert Stress into Self-Power


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