Ways to Get Your Kids Back to Reading

Whether you-ve had cable for years or you-ve just gotten satellite from www.direct.tv you may notice that both you and your children are spending less time reading and more time in front of the TV. While there-s nothing inherently wrong with TV watching, here are a few ways to encourage your kids back to the books
Family Reading Night: Once a week, mandate that the TV be turned off and everyone must read together as a family. Better yet, choose one book that everyone reads then once a month talk about it in a family book club.
Give TV Points: If your kids truly can-t be bothered to read, allow them to earn TV watching time by reading. Assign each minute of TV watching to one page of a book and watch them tear through Judy Blume to earn 3 hours of TV time.
Read Yourself: When your kids see you reading for pleasure they-ll want to do the same and it-s good for your mind, too. Grab the newest best seller and get to work ” your kids will see how much you enjoy reading and hopefully pick up the habit.


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