Ten Great Short Novels To Read In An Evening

Imagination and dreaming are unique gifts, given to mankind to express themselves. I believe reading is a tool that can help bring out our gifts and talents. Reading or writing of literature, of all sorts, is an important part of learning. Studies have shown that children who read at a young age do better in life overall. Literature is truly timeless and meant for all age groups and lifestyles. Set reachable goals. Try reading ten short novels every evening, whatever will get you started. Once you try this by yourself, or with your family, you will likely be “hooked”. There is not a better healthy addiction than literature, so begin to read or write today! We were made to enjoy life . Reading or writing brings us immeasurable joy and opens doors. Literature does not have to be boring. Make a list of your interests and start there. If you love music, try writing or just reading and reflecting on musical lyrics. You can do this with poems also. Try reading and/or writing and begin to express yourself today. Read literature to honor and celebrate the gifts and talents of others. The gifts from literature to you will be immense!


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