Best Friend

by Tyrel Nelson

She was my best friend.
She would do anything for me.
She was always happy.
She never got mad at me even if I lied.
I cried when she died.

She made me oatmeal cookies.
And always let me stay at her house, even when I played hookie.
She’d run over the curbs, while looking at birds.
Her eyebrows were gone, so I had to remind her to
Put them on.

I told her I loved her and gave her a kiss.
Not knowing I would miss her quite like this.
She was my grandma.
She was my best friend.

Dedicated in loving memory to Katherine Nelson
April 6, 1920 to August 10, 2000

Tyrel Nelson, Idaho City, Idaho. Poet and shot putter (6th in high school shot put nationally)